Contact / About me

I grew up the son of a Diplomat, so much of my earlier days have been spent abroad. Russia, Belgium, Turkey, Pakistan… I’ve seen a decent chunk of the world, and I feel lucky to have had the opportunity. Now I live in Ottawa Ontario with my wife and son and make my living as a Digital Animator.

I’ve been animating professionally for six years now. I got my first job straight out of college right here in Ottawa and have since worked on a multitude of shows for most of the local companies in the city. I have been lucky enough to experience a good variety of work in the last few years including:

Digital animation Prop design and cleanup Character cleanup
FX animation Traditional hand drawn posing Character breakdown and rigging

My resume can be downloaded here

I have a wide span of interests outside of my day job. Not all of them are art related, but some of them are. I have been working on developing a few of them in my spare time.

Programming and Web Design

I have spent a good deal of time working at developing my ability to design and construct websites, including this one. I have taught myself some HTML and CSS in order to achieve this. I have a background in programming in highschool. I took some advanced programming courses and did some minor game development. I have also dabbled in Flash Actionscript and tools like Visual Basic, Game maker and recently some Java. I had thought I would pursue it in college, but instead decided to focus on my art.

Comic Strips

Garfield and Calvin and Hobbes started me on a love of cartoon strips. A while back I created a semi-autobiographical (metaphorically speaking) comic strip that I took to the web and wrote, designed, drew and coloured myself. I kept it up for the last few years, but recently had to go on hiatus while I pursued some other opportunities. My comic strip can be found here 


Comic Books

I have always loved comic books… although growing up overseas limited my access to ones written in English. My years of working on the comic strip really gave me a taste for visual storytelling but were restrictive in a way. Telling a story four panels at a time can keep you from exploring some of the dynamics that can be achieved in longform comics. I was given the opportunity to work with a pair of writers in Vancouver on some comics and I took it. Since then we have produced two comics and are about to start a third. Read my comics here 


Game Design

I love games… a lot… all kinds of games. As an only child I spent quite a lot of time playing video games. I have developed a deep appreciation and love of the medium, although I sadly don’t get as much time to play them as I used to. But it’s not just video games that I like. Board games and card games are up there as well. I have started to amass a good collection of games in the last few years. I enjoy them so much that I have actualy been developing some in what time I can spare for them (yeah I’m a busy guy) I’ve played a good deal of RPGs over the years as well… Mostly as a games master. 



I like to cook, bake and recently just started brewing my own beer at home. 


What this all boils down to is that I like to make things others enjoy… It’s almost like a compulsion at times. But I am never happier then when I am creating.